Our school campus is on the way to Burdur-Antalya, and 7 kilometres away from the city centre. While preparing to move into our new building, our current faculty has 30 classrooms, 1 chemist laboratory, 1 physics laboratory, 1 biology laboratory, 1 science laboratory, and 3 computer laboratories.

Cultural and Social Services
Our faculty pays particular attention to orientation training sessions, which we see as integral to effective education. In this context, our new students are given orientation training with a purpose to help them adapt to the faculty and the new environment.

Within the scope of social activities, particular weight has been given to student clubs and activity opportunities have been created by allocating places for activities. Students can display the gains they have obtained in theory- and practicum-based classes in a large number of activities.

Student Accommodation
Students are offered housing opportunities with several options which are suited for their wishes from the moment they have started their study. In addition, there are both male and female dormitories of general directorate of higher education credit and hostels institution at students’ disposal.

The nutrition needs of students, teaching staff and administrative staff are catered to with a menu consisting of four types of meal in the central dining hall on campus, with the calculation of calorie needs of students and personnel by dieticians, and by using quality products and products which are in compliance with food safety in hygienic environments. Furthermore, canteens and cafeterias render service to students in the faculty in order to present them various options of food and create places they can visit in their leisure times.

Health Services
Health services are given to students by community health services and state-run hospitals. In order for students to benefit from health services, they need to apply to the Department of health, culture and sports at the beginning of the study year and certify that their family has no records in the social security institution. The students, who meet the conditions, can get referred by the related offices and school secretaries with a health record issued by the university. Medication and treatment costs of the students who certify that they have no records in any of the social security institutions are met by the Department of health, culture and sports. The Department of health, culture and sports has a dentist, a nurse, a psychologist, and a dietician, and they can respond to cases of emergency.

Students with Special Needs
The faculty receives support from the students with special needs unit of the university with an aim to make life easier for disabled students studying at the faculty. With effect from the first registration date, those students can meet their own needs by means of this unit as long as they continue their study.         

Non-refundable grants are given to students in need of financial support by various local and national NGOs, private individuals and businesses. In addition to this, part-time jobs are assigned to financially needy students in administrative units where full-time employment is not required (e.g. dining hall, data processing unit, library, etc.) in order to help those students generate income. 

After being a member of the library system, students can make use of various resources of the library, such as books and periodicals. There are 12 computers at students’ disposal at the library. Besides this, students can access 14 databases by connecting from off campus through a proxy server. University library website:

Information Technologies
Internet connection is supplied by Metro Ethernet structure over ULAKNET which supports educational and research activities. The university also provides its staff and students with facilities, such as e-mail, FTP webs services, and wireless internet. If students wish to have an email address, they can get it from the data processing unit.